PPC For Moving Companies

Pay Per Click Campaigns To Increase Your Leads
PPC For Moving Companies

Why Do I Need PPC For My Moving Company?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising. This means that you can appear on the top for a search result on a selected keyword by paying google or other search engines. Pay-per-click advertising lets you “cut” the line ahead of your competitors, this can bring in more lead generation and ads traffic to your website while your SEO develops and naturally gains authority

Do Google Ads Work?

Open up a browser on your computer or mobile phone and search for “moving services near me”, those first 2-3 results will have a small “ad” icon to the left of them those are google ads. These top results on the SERP(Search Engines Results Page) are in a constant competition between moving companies bidding for that keyword.

Some moving companies even bid on their competitors names so they can steal their #1 spot and take their potential clients. Google ads nets google around $200 Billion a year, the will reward the top bidding company to keep their revenue going.

Movers.gg is more than just an SEO company, we are a full-service digital marketing company that helps small, mid, and large moving companies achieve their online goals.

If your moving company NAME doesn’t even appear on the search results, there’s work that needs to get done. Chances are other local businesses are taking your spot when customers search for you. This is due to google knowing you are a moving company but not trusting you enough to reward you with a top result.

Our PPC Advertising Process

Once we have a clear understanding of your moving business goals, movers.gg will develop efficient PPC campaigns for your moving business. We use tools like the google ads keyword planner, semrush and bright local to plan for an efficient campaign.

  • Keyword Volume: Your moving company needs to be bidding for the moving service people are looking for. Not only that but doing proper research, we can find new low cost specific keywords that may convert for your moving company.

  • Conversion Value: Do long distance jobs net more revenue than small local moving jobs? We can focus on bidding higher for those key terms that can bring your company more leads and revenue.

  • Negative Keywords: “Movers” is an extremely broad keyword. If you don’t have a ppc specialists that understands the industry, google will run trough your budget bidding on words like “moving dollies” and “truck rentals” as the algorithm thinks they are relevant to the Movers field. It is crucial to add negative keywords to your campaign a couple times a week.

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Is Your Landing Page Optimized?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, your website. No matter how much money you are spending on your paid search campaign, If your landing pages are not fully optimized You are wasting your money.

Google checks your website loading speed, your call-to-action buttons, and dead links. If any of those are failing, your website’s quality score will suffer, and google will throw you low-quality leads. Not to mention your SEO will take a hit and you won’t climb the search results organically.

Movers.gg is not only a PPC advertising company, we are a full digital marketing agency that tailors to moving companies. Our custom-made web pages are designed to convert and comply with search engine standards and bring you maximum results.

Movers.gg PPC Strategy For Moving Companies

Our PPC services start off with a:

  1. Plan: We start off with keyword research, budget allocation, and a website And landing pages audit.

  2. Implementation: Write relevant ad copy tailored to your target audience & Launch the PPC Campaign.

  3. Track & Adjust: Analyze the collected data from the google ads account and google analytics to adjust and enhance the PPC campaign. Here we ad on to our negative keyword list and adjust the percentage bid on relevant keywords that are bringing qualified leads.

  4. Repeat.

At movers.gg we believe in transparency. We will deliver monthly reports with your ads performance. These reports include the number of phone calls, ads click through rate, and budget allocation. You will be assigned a marketing expert that you can keep in constant communication with about your account in case you want to pause or adjust your campaign.